Futures of Ancient East: 金山 (goldMountain), capital city of 台 (The Platform) ➝ twitter objkt
"來自金山的女孩, 當機藝術 武俠 (The Girl from goldMountain, the Glitch Art Wuxia), is a metaverse of my own, based on my life and extending from/into 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western. 來自金山的女孩 tells the stories of a few fictional characters living their lives in a parallel world of 金山 (goldMountain), capital city of 台 (The Platform), an islandNation whois facing war with 花刀国度 (The Nation of the Flower Knife). this is all in very direct reference to my life in Taipei, the capital city of the nation of Taiwan. currently, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) publicly plans to invade and occupy us here in Taiwan. PRC is actually very direct about their violent ambitions, clearly, publicly threatening to overthrow the sovereign democracy of Taiwan. realities of life here in Taiwan, where we face these very real imminent threats and constant violence from the PRC everyday, are the context for my project 來自金山的女孩.
in my conceptual metaverse, as you accurately say, 3 main characters, let's call them spectralAgents or imaginaryFriends, live their lives in this alternate version of present day and present time. they are parafictions surviving a global pandemic and existential threats. they have dreams and desires. they make art, drive motorcycles in the rain, and eat midnight snacks. while i imagine them, they imagine what life used to be like in the beforetimes. 來自金山的女孩, 當機藝術 武俠 is all about people living on Internet, cultures, hystories, Glitch Art, philosophy, traditions, and refinding what we lost or was stolen from us. thats the short version of this exclusive sneakpeak into my never-before-released upcoming whirlds of 來自金山的女孩, 當機藝術 武俠 (The Girl from goldMountain, the Glitch Art Wuxia)!" - jonCates
Glitching The System(s) A Conversation with jonCates for Tech Art Talks by Beth Jochim

當機藝術 (Glitch Art) whirlds of 來自金山的女孩, 當機藝術 武俠 (The Girl from goldMountain, the Glitch Art Wuxia), metaverse sequel to 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), AI Glitch Western adventures, and 捲軸 (The Scrolls)
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